Life Coach. Calm and confidence. Munich. Professional Coach.

"Change is inevitable, but personal growth is a choice"  

Bob Proctor

"I have felt a real shift in my self awareness and more confidence.."

Heidi, UK

"With her support I am on my way to living a much more fulfilling life."

Sandra, Australia

"Julie is experienced and friendly and she will add value to any new startup."

Ibraham, Egypt

Julie Royle. Professional Coach. Life Coach. English. Leadership Coach.

MY PASSION is for Human Connectedness. This means I work with individuals and leaders to be confident, to be motivated and to find strength in change. 


MY APPROACH comes from a place of curiosity and trust in the human relationship. I respect and appreciate that we are all individuals with different challenges and I work with integrity and honesty to ensure the best outcomes for every client. I believe we can all thrive when we remove self-limiting beliefs and don't give in to external pressures. 

MY EXPERIENCE is broad with many years spent as a leader and consultant in software development across large corporations and start-up ventures. My extensive international business experience which includes building teams and working in company transformations is backed by an MBA. I am also a qualified counsellor in Australia (Grad.Dip Couns.) and spent time working in an NGO. I am a CTI Co-Active® Coach and Certified Agile Leader.

Having worked across four continents, lived in three and volunteered in another, I have a truly global outlook and I approach life with an open-mind.

I am a coaching professional, working as a personal coach and leadership coach. 

Julie Royle


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