"The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it"
J M Barrie

Mental Fitness Confidence

"It was the ideal training during a transition phase, “cleansing” me of old habits and preparing me for what was lying ahead."
Birgit, Germany

"I got to know myself better, I learned how to be more in the present, to notice smaller details and to appreciate them."

Willemijn, The Netherlands



RESPOND, not react


Bring lasting change through this 6-week app-based Positive Intelligence™ program developed by Shirzad Charmaine. Meet your internal Saboteurs: High-Achiever, Pleaser, Avoider, Stickler and more....whilst learning to combat their sabotage by building your Mental Fitness.


As a leader you are there for the team, to empower and to support. This is best achieved when you are confident, and when you are making measured and conscious decisions.


But if you are a high-achiever and still feeling like an imposter, or you are struggling with burnout and/or dissatisfaction, then this program is for you.


We all know the importance of looking after our physical fitness and yet often forget the muscles needed for our mental fitness. This program can give you confidence to live your life your way and to identify, and to reach your personal goals. 


But, if you constantly judge yourself and second-guess what others think of you, then this program is for you.


If team members are confident and able to communicate effectively, they will create a productive, engaging and cohesive team culture. This program provides insight to individual strengths and gives teams what they need to optimise their communication and value. The app-based program makes it ideal for dispersed or remote teams. 

As an Organisation and Relationship Systems Coach (ORSC™), I offer teams additional coaching sessions to optimise benefits.


The program has it's foundation in 4 schools of science, including neuroscience and performance science and focuses on building

3 core mental muscles. It has been shown to improve PERFORMANCE, RELATIONSHIPS, and HEALTH and WELL-BEING.  

The APP-BASED Program:

  • App. with daily activities and progress tracking

  • Online forum 

  • Weekly videos

  • Personalised support

  • Opportunity for LEADERS, INDIVIDUALS or TEAMS