"When we are no longer able to change a situation - we are challenged to change ourselves"​
Viktor E. Frankl

Julie Royle. Sydney. Sunrise for change and calm.
Live your life with purpose and confidence


Often daily life and stresses put pressure on us in ways we find difficult to manage or which can seem overwhelming. And sometimes major events or changes impact our lives in ways we would never have considered.

Maybe things in your life are not working out as planned or maybe you are simply struggling to find your energy.  Maybe you need help to find clarity, to (re)discover your strength or to determine a direction. Whatever is challenging you it does not have to be faced alone. As a coaching professional, I can help you.

Life can be hard and I believe we often forget to trust and have compassion for ourselves, while we gladly give this to others. I work with people to (re)discover their strengths, to be confident, to address change and to find clarity wherever it is needed, to stop feeling overwhelmed and to approach life with purpose and confidence.


  • work and life balance

  • communication

  • career

  • relationships

  • life meaning

  • personal goals

  • the expat life

  • making a decision to change

  • managing change around you