“Leadership is all about the softer stuff.”

Dr. J. Kotter

Julie Royle. Leadership soft skills. Australia.
Know your style and lead with confidence


Leaders are expected to demonstrate confidence, make the right decisions and be there to support and guide their team. They need to inspire, communicate, motivate and influence the people around them, while also maintaining their own energy. However with constant changes in the workplace, technology and customer needs, it can be difficult to remain focused, continuously adapt and to keep perspective.


As a leader your many responsibilities can often become a burden and make it difficult to reach the necessary results. Maybe you are struggling with new ways of working, new team dynamics or the need to be everything to everybody? Maybe your stress levels are growing, or your communication is not as effective as you would like it to be. 

As a leadership coach I will work with you to become the authentic and conscious leader you want to be. Whether it is improving employee engagement or assessing personal leadership style, we can work together to reach your goals.


You can:

  • communicate effectively

  • be confident

  • make decisions

  • work with distributed teams

  • lead international teams

  • prioritise your workload

  • motivate and inspire 

  • build relationships 

  • get results

  • actively coach and mentor 


Clear Track Coaching | Julie Royle can help you be the leader you are meant to be.