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Questions on Coaching

Ever thought about getting a coach, but not really sure what it is all about and whether it would work for you? Well, coaching is not about giving advice, it is not about telling people what to do and it does not give you solutions. IT IS about giving you the support you need to find your own answers, to find your own solutions as well as guide you in making choices and finding your personal balance and freedom. It gives you the confidence to be who you are and to approach life with an open-mind and an open heart. Coaches are curious people who listen, challenge and using a variety of techniques, work with clients to support them. Coaching is a partnership and a relationship where the focus is on you.

Below are some common questions on Coaching and my thoughts.

1. Why get a Coach?

We all have aspects in our lives that could do with some "work", whether we see these aspects as "failing", "annoying", "confusing" or simply just not going the way we would like, coaching can help. It may be that all aspects of life are great - coaching can still help to improve this, honestly! Professional athletes (who are experts) use coaches to improve and fine-tune their performance, so why can't we as human beings (which we are pretty good at being) also use coaches to improve and fine-tune our performance? Coaches can assist with any aspect of life, however big or small. The key to coaching is seeing the client as the expert in the relationship (who else knows how to be you better than you..!) while the coach supports, challenges and creates the space for personal growth (and transformation)

2. Will a Coach give me the answers I need?

No, but a coach will work with you and partner you to achieve the results you are looking for. The only person that really knows what you want and want you need, is YOU. So, a coach will support you, challenge you and (quite likely, at times) irritate you, but it will always be with the aim of helping you to achieve your goals and your potential. They will not give you the answers, but work with you to find the answers.

3. Do I need to have a clear goal to see a Coach?

No. Goals can be well-defined, such as “I want to start a new career in technology”, “I want to respect the boundaries of my teenager” or less specific such as, “I want to understand myself more fully” or “I don’t know what I want in life”. Whatever you are asking yourself or find yourself thinking about, a coach can work with you to find clarity and make decisions. A coach can also work with you to define specific goals if that is what you want - interim goals, long-term goals and even stretch goals. Whatever you want or need to reach your potential in any aspect of your life.

4. What will Coaching give me?

What you get from coaching will depend primarily on what you put into coaching. As mentioned, a coach will not give you answers but will partner with you to work toward the results you want. Much of the work is done by you, the client, between sessions and you need to take responsibility for how much goes into the process. However, coaching can be transformative, it can give you purpose, a new direction, comfort in times of change, a new outlook, the ability to manage what once seemed unmanageable - along with multiple other possible and positive outcomes. But, ultimately, coaching gives you the awareness and recognition to make choices giving you the freedom to live your way and be confident in who you are. Coaching can be transformational, so approach it with an open-mind and an open heart.

5. How do I find a Coach?

There are many different coaches out there and the likelihood is there will be a coach (or several) that you “click with”, as well as those which you do not. Ask friends, ask colleagues, do your research and remember most coaches will have websites, so find those sites that “speak” to you. You may also want to consider the training and qualifications for your coach, so look for the education along with experience if this is an important aspect in the relationship.

Then, make a shortlist of potential coaches and "get-to-know" or chat with each of them. An initial conversation is usually free of charge and is an important step in the process as it gives both coach and client the opportunity to ask questions and ensure the relationship will work. These initial sessions are often referred to as “chemistry” sessions as it is all about the chemistry of the relationship and knowing that you can partner together for the upcoming process and work together in transformation.

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