• julie

The Importance of Being Vulnerable

Being emotionally vulnerable means being open to being fully human. It means being uncomfortable and unsure. It means being willing to be seen and be judged and can often mean being hurt. Being vulnerable takes inner strength and courage. It is never a weakness.

Being vulnerable means being brave.

So why should we step out of our comfort zone to be exposed and risk being hurt?

Why be vulnerable?

Humans need connection and to feel part of a community in order to thrive, while loneliness has been shown to bring anxiety, stress and depression. True connections are based on being real and authentic and most of the time we know when we meet somebody who is not authentic, but are rather "playing a part ". These are not usually the type of person we want to spend significant amounts of time with, or be open with. So if you are pretending and not being open with others, how can others be open with you? If you want to create real and lasting connections there is a need for intimacy from the people involved, and this requires you to be vulnerable.

It means showing yourself and being willing to be seen.

What is being vulnerable?

Being vulnerable does not mean telling everybody everything about you. It does not mean telling anybody everything about you. It means being willing to take a risk with your emotions. This might be telling somebody how you feel about them without knowing what their reaction will be. It might be having a conversation with a loved one about your feelings. It might be being the first to apologise after an argument. It might be changing your own boundaries in regard to others.

It means showing yourself and being willing to be seen.

Benefits of being vulnerable

FREEDOM! Being vulnerable ultimately brings a sense of personal freedom. If you are truly being yourself then you will have more space and more energy. Rather than using your energy on worry, anxiety and “pretending”, you now have this energy to use on everything else! With this freedom also comes the opportunity to build lasting relationships based on honesty, to grow your self-awareness and to see the world from a new perspective.

You are showing yourself and being willing to be seen.

How to be vulnerable

Allow yourself not to be in control of every situation. Allow yourself not to “win” every argument. Allow yourself to be questioned. Allow yourself to feel emotion. Allow yourself to be uncomfortable. Allow yourself to take the first step. Allow yourself to truly listen in a way that may change you.

Being brave enough to be vulnerable will provide a sense of freedom, it will be empowering and it will bring a level of love and acceptance otherwise not experienced.

Brené Brown, a leader in discussing vulnerability, “If we want greater clarity in our purpose or meaningful lives, then vulnerability is the path”.